Nail Cross Necklace

The Nail Cross Necklace in different cross designs

This is a sampling of our different horseshoe nail cross necklace designs with color coated wire. A very small sample.Here I would like to show you the difference in our cross sizes.

I believe this would be a great fundraiser for your church.

Large wire on Large Nail 20/3.5 horseshoe crosses

dark pink norseshoe nails cross
Dark hot pink horseshoe nails cross
navy horseshoe nail crosses
Navy horseshoe nail crosses
amethyst horseshoe nail crosses
Amethyst horseshoe nail crosses
Brown wholesale necklaces
Brown wholesale necklaces
lavender wholesale cross necklace
Lavender wholesale cross necklace
copper horseshoe crosses
Copper horseshoe crosses

Small wire on Small Cross necklace 22/#3

This is a sampling of the smaller steel horseshoe nails sporting the smaller color coated copper wire.
Kelly cross necklaces
Kelly cross necklaces
navy horseshoe nail crosses
Navy horseshoe nail crosses
red horseshoe nail cross necklace
Red horseshoe nail cross necklace
black nail cross necklace
Black horseshoe nail cross
Light pink horseshoe crosses
Light pink horseshoe nail cross

Small wire using Large Horseshoe Nails on our horseshoe crosses 22/3.5

These are the horseshoe crosses that use the large nail with the thinner wire.
Baby blue horse shoe nail cross
Baby blue horse shoe cross necklace
teal nails cross necklace
Teal nails cross necklace
black nail necklace
Black nail necklace
purple horseshoe cross necklace
Purple horseshoe cross
Burgundy horseshoe nail crosses
Burgundy horseshoe nail crosses

Large wire nail crosses using Small Nails 20/3

Here is the small horseshoe cross with the larger wire.

Remember these are available in the cross key chain too.
golden horseshoe nail cross necklace
Golden horseshoe nail cross necklace
I hope you enjoyed this display of our wholesale crosses.

You are sure to find just what you need for your business, family and friends or your church fundraiser here at wholesale prices.
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