Bold Horsehoe Crosses to choose from


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bold nail crosses showing all the colors
24 Bold Nail Crosses. We have all of these colors available on each of our bold crosses made with thick wire.
Our Bold Horseshoe Cross Necklaces are very popular at only $3.20 each.
The uniqueness of this style is unforgettable.
Go here to order these bold cross necklaces made with nails in your choice of one, two, or three colors for $3.20 each.
Or choose make something especially unique with the double wrap with up to six wire colors.
This Keychain horseshoe cross is available in all of the 24 cross colors. Enjoy the feel of the cross in your hand every time you have your keys.
Our keychain with the cross is $5.20 each for one or three color designs on your cross.
Nail cross Zipper pulls are popular for book bags to choir gowns.
Let us help you show your faith using your zippers.
Choose up to three color cross zipper pulls with thick wire.
If you are looking for a charming Rearview mirror cross, we have you covered. The rearview mirror charms looks just like the necklace but are made for your rear view mirror.
Our crosses made from horseshoe nails are available in many styles.
We have the keychain, anklets, zipper pull, rear views and angels.
Look at our page with many other color designs for these styles.

Do you like the nail cross style?
Your not alone. I've never heard of anyone not loving this cross made with real horseshoe nails. Grab some for yourself and your friends and family.