Desert Camo Nails Cross Necklaces


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Nails cross necklace in desert camo
Nails cross necklace in desert camo design
Available in both sized nails and wires. The picture above is the thinner wire on the larger nails cross.





Angel Ornament


Rearview Mirror




Zipper Pull


Desert Camo Reg. Cross

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Complete your look with a touch of rustic elegance with our desert camo nails cross necklace. Handcrafted with care, this unique piece blends tradition and style effortlessly.

  • Each cross is beautifully crafted using real horseshoe nails, symbolizing strength and resilience.
  • The adjustable black neck cord ensures a comfortable fit for everyone.
  • Made with attention to detail, our desert camo nails cross is not just a fashion accessory but also a meaningful symbol of faith and endurance.
  • The copper wire adds a touch of warmth and charm, while the clear coat finish adds durability and longevity to the design.
Whether you wear it around your neck or use it as a keychain or rearview charm, this versatile piece will surely catch the eye and spark conversations.

Order 25 or more different crosses, and we'll even cover the shipping for you!
It's the perfect opportunity to share these meaningful gifts with your loved ones or fellow believers.
So, tell your friends about our desert camo nail cross necklaces and ask them if they have seen anything quite as unique and special.
Add a touch of tradition to your everyday style with this exquisite handmade accessory.
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