Bulk Crosses

Bulk Crosses Made of Nails at Wholesale Prices

crosses in bulk
Bulk Crosses at wholesale prices.

Our crosses in bulk:

  • Custom made to your order
  • Dipped in clear coat
  • Tied with adjustable cord
  • Each bagged separately
  • Free shipping to you by USPS Priority Mail

Information on buying your crosses in bulk

Choose your crosses from all over our website most of our crosses are $3.20 but some types can go up to $5.20

Feel free to pick all of the colors that you want on each of your individual wholesale crosses.
You can have crosses with one, two, or three colors on them and they will still be $3.20.
These remain $3.20 as long as you have one color on each part of the cross.
Choose one color on the top, one color on the bottom, and one color that goes across both of the arms.

Choose from the 25 different colors that we have and I’m sure that you’ll come up with many crosses that you like or that matches your school or your favorite ball team maybe colors that support your local police, or firefighters. Every bulk cross you choose can be different.

The bulk cross that is created like a barber pole; where you have two contrasting colors that are wrapped anywhere on the cross like a barber pole are $5.20 each.
Also, the different types of cross jewelry like keychains and zipper pulls are $5.20 no matter how they’re designed.

These are a small cross measuring between 1 1/2 inches to 1 3/4 inches, according to which nail you choose.

Just take a look around our site see what you like the prices are marked.
Once you have 25 or more crosses of any type in your shopping cart, your shopping cart will change to free shipping for you.
We offer you free shipping by USPS priority mail.

We started out selling our crosses in bulk in bookstores and clothes stores. In order to keep them from having to risk having stock they did not need and get started selling our crosses, we would take one of all of the colors and replace them as they were sold. This way you can get a good idea on what sells the best in your area and it costs the store selling the crosses nothing. Nothing to loose buy everything to gain.

Look around the gallery to see different examples of our crosses.