Horseshoe Nail Crosses

Combo Nail Crosses - Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklaces

horseshoe nail crosses
Horseshoe crosses on display
We are more than pleased to be able to make these nail crosses for our veterans.
These men and women have given so much to us.
So here we have a mixture of the regular $3.20 crosses and the combo wire crosses for $5.20 each.
You can mix and match all the crosses across our site, and when you have 25 crosses in your cart, your cart will take away the regular shipping to free shipping.

Nail Crosses

These are my favorite horseshoe nail cross. I can not say I have seen anything better.
These cross necklaces are so beautiful and can be made in so many designs.
tan camo combo nail cross necklaces
Tan camo combo nail cross necklace
orange yellow nail cross necklace
orange yellow nail cross necklace

Nail Cross Necklaces made with Horseshoe Nails and Wire

All of these horseshoe nail crosses can be made into the horseshoe crosses of your choice. We have many crosses choices in many types of designs, not just the necklace.
Each made with any of our colors and any horseshoe nail size you prefer.
If you order 25 or more crosses you will receive free shipping.
horseshoe cross red white and blue
horseshoe nail cross in red white and blue
blue white horseshoe nail cross
blue white horseshoe nail cross
gold black camo nail cross
gold and black camo nail cross
Keychain horsesehoe cross combo
Keychain cross combo
Find your horseshoe nail cross necklace from all of the colors and designs we offer. We use high quality materials including a real horseshoe nail that are seen in the Kentucky Derby. We still use genuine Capewell horseshoe nails as we have from the beginning. We have been serving others with horseshoe crosses for over 18 years.
Please share our site to your friends and family. They may like a horseshoe nail cross too.
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