Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace colors

Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace Color Mixes

We have our Horseshoe Crosses in a variety of color designs and 25 colors.

Choose from our wide range of colors by taking a look at our Cross Color page.
Feel free to mix and match all the colors you would like on your horseshoe cross necklace.

Decide which size nail you would like to have, then the designing can begin!

I've not talked to a person yet that is not totally impressed with our horseshoe cross. They look even better in person!

Some people have seen these crosses at fairs, church fund raisers, in magazines for many years.

These Horseshoe Crosses are the perfect tool to open a conversation with others. Make sure you order more than one horseshoe cross, because people tend to give others the Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace they are wearing to others…. they come in contact with. I love my horseshoe nail cross necklace.
patriotic horseshoe nail cross necklace
Combo Nail Cross

ComboWrap Horseshoe Nail Cross

Combowrap Horseshoe Nail Crosses are available in all types of jewelry. Notice how part of the cross has double colors while other parts are solid. You choose where your cross is double wrapped and single wrapped. These are totally amazing.

The Combo Wrap Horseshoe Cross is $5.20.

two color horseshoe nail crosses
Three horseshoe nail crosses

THREE Color on Horseshoe Nail Crosses

These are perfect for supporting your favorite school team or your school. We have many designs that are just cool looking.
Great for fundraising or buying bulk crosses to hand out to your firends.

Three Color Horseshoe Cross is $3.20

double wrap crosses
Double wrap crosses

DoubleWrap Horseshoe Nail Crosses

Doublewrap Crosses are made with two contrasting wire colors.
The wire is wrapped around the horseshoe nails like a barber pole.
This cross is eye catching. Especially when designed with the larger wire.
The Double Wrap Horseshoe Cross is $5.20.
two color horseshoe crosses
Two color horseshoe crosses

TWO Colors on Horseshoe Nail Crosses

These nail crosses can be made in your special colors. So design your favorite horseshoe nails cross for your friends for those memorable times. Our most popular item is the horseshoe nail cross necklace.

Ideas: School Colors Sports Teams

Two Color Nail Crosses are $3.20

Crazy Horseshoe Nail Cross
Crazy Horseshoe Nail Cross

Crazy Horseshoe Nail Cross

This is a direct link to our beautiful Crazy Cross design. It is one of my favorite crosses. If you want to choose your colors head over to our DoubleWrap cross to choose up to Six Colors on your Horseshoe Cross. Choose your wire colors! I especially like the thicker wire on this horseshoe cross.

Crazy Horseshoe Crosses are $5.20 each

single color nail crosses
Single color bulk cross necklaces

ONE Color on Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklaces

Choose any of our colors to make the horseshoe cross match your clothes. The price is the same. Mix and match, choosing any amount of any sorts of wire colors.

One Color Horseshoe Cross is $3.20

horseshoe nail crosses are available in many colors
Horseshoe nail crosses are available in many colors

Wire Colors for Horseshoe Cross

We have tons of wire colors to choose from to make the perfect Horseshoe Cross of your choosing. Take a look at the different wire colors.

Enjoy your horseshoe nail cross necklace, key chain, zipperpull, anklet, rear view and angel in any color design your heart desires!
We use genuine horseshoe nails to make our cross necklace.
Order your wholesale crosses here.

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