Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace

Our Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace in the Double Wrapped Design

The Double wrapped crosses are wrapped with two contrasting colors in order for the colors to stand out.

This will be a perfect conversation starter piece.

crazy horseshoe nail cross necklace
This beautiful horseshoe nail cross necklace is showing you how to go crazy with your designs of up to six colors! Available on on everything.
special patriotic nail cross necklace
This is the special patriotic nail cross necklace or you can put it on your keychain and more.
yellow black horseshoe nail cross
This is a yellow and black nail cross necklace.
kelly black thick wrapped nail cross
This is a kelly and black thick wrapped cross necklace.
Nail cross necklace small wire large nail
This is a black and gold cross necklace wrapped with double two thin wires on the large nail
larger black gold horseshoe nail crosses
The larger 20g on the larger nail. Gold and black horseshoe nail crosses.
black shiny small nail necklace
This is the black and shiny on the small nail.
Magenta Shiny Double Wrap Nail Cross
This is a shiny silver with magenta thin wires on the horseshoe nail crosses.
royal black barber pole cross necklace
Royal and black wrapped barber pole style cross with thicker wire.
orange black cross necklace thick wire
This is a black and orange cross necklace wrapped with two thick wires
Amethyst horseshoe nail cross necklaces
Stunning amethyst and purple horseshoe nail cross necklaces.
horseshoe nail cross black white
This horseshoe nail cross is made with black and white wires.
black red small nail cross necklace
This is the small horseshoe nail cross pendant necklace is sporting the red and black colors.
pink black thick wire cross necklace
Light pink and black thick double wrapped horseshoe nail cross necklace.
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