Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklaces

Cross Keychains Made of Horseshoe Nails

horsehoe cross keychain wraps
Sturdy horsehoe cross keychain wraps

This keychain cross is really cool. They are also made of high quality materials.
The wire wraps that hold your key ring into place on the horseshoe nail crosses are made with real copper wire.
The wire is wrapped by hand around the two overlapping cords that connect to your cross keychain. This makes sure your cross is secure to your keys.
This heavy duty wire wrap ensures you don't have to worry about loosing your keys if the clamp came off the key ring.
This is a normal sized ring so it will hold many keys.
These horseshoe nail crosses make an easy conversation starter. Do ever drive people that you would like to open the conversation up about Christianity? They may even ask why you have a religious key chain or a Christian Cross keychain. Well these are a perfect way to do that! Buy these key chains in bulk!

Multiple Colors of our Cross Keychains

horseshoe cross keychains doubled
Horseshoe cross keychains doubled wrapped with orange and yellow.
You can assort your order to include 25 different types of crosses in order to receive free shipping.

So get a few extra while you are here for your friends and family.

Are you are struggling to find a special someone a unique gift?
Ask their favorite color and go wild. I love having the keychain cross along with the matching horseshoe nail cross necklace.

Now your getting to my favorite design on the horseshoe crosses and if you have looked around you already know that. I love the double-wrap cross keychain.
This is my personal preference. Now, you pick your favorite cross keychains.

Bulk Cross Keychains at Wholesale Prices

copper nail cross keychain
Copper nail cross keychain large wire and nail
You can see more ideas above by looking at the links above.
I will be trying to add more pictures of our cross necklaces and key chains as time permits.

Be sure to let me know if you have any problems.
Any suggestions to make visits here easier.
I say visits because once people see your horseshoe nail cross key chains, you will come back for more. People come back because their friends and family love these horseshoe cross keychains. They also buy more because the nail crosses are a hot seller in their stores.

Some people hand them out when they meet someone on the street that likes their cross. That opens a door for conversations. Be sure to grab several horseshoe nail cross necklaces while you are here to hand out to those who comment on your cross.

So be sure to buy your horseshoe nail crosses in bulk in order to hand them out to others.
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