What is a Nail Cross

A nail cross is a symbol of Christianity. The cross represent the nails used to crucify Christ. The Christian cross that is made from nails and is a symbol to those who have became followers of the reconciliation and peace that Christ brings to the heart and minds of His followers.
These were given to organizations especially churches throughout the world as this symbol of forgiveness and a sign of hope.

What is a Nail Cross Necklace?

A nail cross necklace can be made in many forms. Our Nail Cross Necklace is made by taking wire and wrapping the four bent nails. Then it is dipped in a clear coat. Once the coating has dried, it is strung with an adjustable cord. We have black and tan cord that symbolize a leather cord that symbolizes the leather straps that were used to beat our Savior. Lastly, these are placed into individual bags to make distributing to other easier.

What does it mean if someone is wearing a cross necklace?

Usually those who wear a cross necklace is a way of symbolizing a Christian or a Roman Catholic faith.
But this is not always the case because many people wear the nail cross because they think it looks cool. Many people just like the looks of it, or it may serve as comfort.
Everyone has their own reasons for wearing their cross.