Tri-Cross Necklace Nails


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Tri color cross necklace nails
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  • 3 Colors on Cross Necklace nails
  • 3 Colors on Cross Necklace nails
  • 3 Colors on Cross Necklace nails
  • 3 Colors on Cross Necklace nails
  • 3 Colors on Cross Necklace nails
  • 3 Colors on Cross Necklace nails
  • 3 Colors on Cross Necklace nails

20g Necklace (3 color)


3 Colors on Cross Necklace nails

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Introducing our stunning Tri Colors on Cross Necklace Nails!

What sets our cross necklace nails apart

You get to choose up to three colors of coated copper wire.

You can customize the top of the nail cross, the arms, and the bottom of the cross to be different colors, allowing you to create a truly personalized piece that reflects your style and personality. No matter what colors you choose to have your colors adorn the top, arms, or bottom of your nail crosses, it's sure to make a statement!

Each Nail cross necklace is individually priced at just $3.20

Check out our incredible Nail Cross Necklace collection!

  • Made with real nails and strong wire, these unique accessories are a must-have for any fashion enthusiast.
  • The neck cord has a modifiable length, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.
  • For added convenience, each nail cross necklace is bagged separately, so you can easily keep it in your purse or pocket, ready to give to someone when you feel like spreading joy and positivity.
  • With our high quality nail cross necklace, nails can be covered with three different colors that you may choose the placement of. From vibrant and bright, to low profile color wire choices to customize your nail cross necklace. From the top of the cross to the arms and even the bottom, let your creativity shine by mixing and matching colors to create truly one-of-a-kind nail cross necklaces.

    Not only are these cross necklace nails visually appealing, but they are also versatile.

    Get ready to turn heads with our Tri Colors on Cross Necklace Nails! All of your nail crosses can be adorned with three distinct colors!

    Elevate your style and make a statement with these exquisite accessories that perfectly combine fashion and faith.

    Whether you're attending a formal event or adding a touch of edginess to your everyday outfit, this nails cross necklace is versatile enough to complement any style. Our Cross Nails Necklaces are not only durable but also loved everywhere.

    Order yours today and experience the excitement of wearing a truly unique piece that showcases your individuality.

    If you order 25 or more nail crosses from our site, we'll ship them to you for free! That's right - free shipping on bulk orders. So take a look around at our nail cross necklaces and our other nail crosses on our site and see what we have to offer for you and your loved ones.

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