Horsehoe Nail Cross Zipperpulls

Buy Horseshoe Nail Cross Zipperpulls

These are our wholesale horsehoe nail cross zipperpulls, customized just for you.

These crosses are also made of real horseshoe nails and they are perfect for attaching to book bags, your pocket or a purse. Anything that has a zipper! I love my zipper pulls!

Displaying these eye catching Nail Crosses is a great way to show your school pride and your faith.
These zipperpull nail crosses and the cross necklace are very unique!
Once the kids at school see these, everyone wants one.
The same goes for adults.
Bless your children or grandchildren with their favorite color so they can attach it to their backpacks.
These come in vivid or plain colors. The array of color choices for your nail crosses will really make their back packs stand out. Once people see these, everyone wants one. The uses are endless and they make zippers easier to open.
Attach to:
picnic basket
zipper on your robe
your suit case
Jacket zipper pulls!
You have so many different color sets to choose from. These horseshoe nail crosses are so beautiful!
Be sure to remember to pick up some wholesale horsehoe nail cross necklaces to pass out as you share your Fatih.

Examples of our Horseshoe Nail Cross Zipperpulls

horseshoe nail cross zipper pull
horseshoe nail cross zipper pull
zipper pull nail cross blue stripes
zipper pull nail cross with blue stripes
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