Patriotic Gifts with Horseshoe Nail Crosses for your Attire


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patriotic gifts with nail crosses
Patriotic Gifts With Nail Crosses
This is for our Patriots, Veterans, Military and their families.
These are perfect Patriotic gifts to enhance your Patriotic attire with our American flag colors on our horseshoe nail cross necklaces and more.

These men and women have done so much for us.
Let us honor them and bless them with our praise.
Give them a few nail cross necklaces or any patriotic gifts you can find as a keepsake. These crosses will make great accessories for them to wear everyday or when they are on a special occasion.

Would you believe our crosses have been placed on the necks of our military rescue dogs!
Special patriotic cross jewelry
Special patriotic cross jewelry
This is the most beautiful cross in person! This Special Patriotic Cross Jewelry shows our red, white, and blue colors of our American Flag in such a splashing appearance. The silver is mixed with the white which makes it really stand out. What a beautiful Patriotic gift indeed!
American Flag Cross Necklace
American flag cross necklace goes great with or without patriotic attire
These American flag cross necklaces are also available on our cross keyrings, zipper pulls, and even on the angel ornament. Show our United States American flag colors on your Christmas tree or wherever you want to be encouraged. And at $3.20 each you can had them out to your whole platoon!
Patriotic Wire Cross of Nails Necklace
Patriotic Wire Cross of Nails Necklace
Patriotic Wire Cross of Nails Necklace made of nails to resemble the American Flag. This is a combo design and is perfect for an American Patriot. You can also order the keychain and other accessories there too.
This would make a wonderful patriotic gift on the 4th of July!
Nail cross in tan camo horse shoe nail cross necklace
Tan camo horseshoe cross for a perfect patriotic gift
Take a look at our one-of-a-kind Tan Camo Horseshoe Cross that celebrates your unwavering support for our brave military heroes abroad! This style uniquely wraps the tan colors that match the desert camo in a way that others may have never seen before
This is a design Chuck came up with years ago for the one of the most perfect patriotic gifts.
Nails cross necklace in desert camo
Nails cross necklace in desert camo
The desert camo nails cross necklace design adds a touch of rugged charm, while the dipped-in-clear-coat finish ensures longevity and durability. Wear this patriotic cross as a necklace, attach it to your keychain, or hang it as a rearview charm - the possibilities are endless!
nail cross necklace in hunter green
Hunter green camo nail cross necklace for our heroes
This green camo nail cross necklace is inspired for hunters across the USA. This green cross made with nails and wire is also available in all of our other gift ideas like keychains, zipper pulls, and even on the angel cross ornament for your tree or office.
cross of nails in pink camo
Pink Camo Cross of Nails is perfect with Patriotic Attire
This is our Pink Camo cross of nails. Chuck made the beloved camo into this unique nail cross color design. This is the perfect patriotic gift for you or your best friend who would prefer their camo cross of nails with pink!
BTW we also have a pink combo available.
These are all available in many forms.
Necklaces, Keychains, Zipperpulls, Rearview, Anklets and even Angel crosses.

There are many gift ideas in different color combinations:
Red, White, and Blue
Tan Camo
Green Camo
Pink Camo

You can gather 25 or more crosses from our site and you will receive free shipping on your crosses!
Sit back, take a look around and enjoy.

I believe a nice party would be a wonderful gesture as a proud American for all the people we know that served our country. And they could each be given a patriotic cross as a token of our appreciation. It is a symbol of our American Flag that would be a great honor to hang on your rearview mirror!