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Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace - Bulk Crosses made by Chuck

Chuck has been making his horseshoe nail crosses in bulk at wholesale prices for 16+ years. As those of you have been ordering nail crosses from him for all those years know he made awesome nail crosses from the get go, and is still making them. Chuck's motto is if you do something do it right, as unto The Lord.

Bulk Nail Cross Necklaces for 18 Years

Welcome to our New Site

You may already know me from Authorized DC site. We still use our older site when people have a hard time making Paypal work. Horseshoe Nail Cross necklaces at our old site.

Well, it is time to update that site. I have been trying to get this new site made for a while now. I hope this new format will make your navigation and ordering your bulk nail cross necklaces a lot easier. The headers on this site are actual pages to double click for your easier navigation.

I will be leaving our old site up for two reasons: 1) So you can see our history of selling the horseshoe nail cross necklace in bulk.

2) Because this site doesn't offer direct Paypal payment. Note: We offer credit card, debit card here on this site for your nail crosses.
If you want to pay by Paypal here on this site, you need to put your order together, go to the cart and choose Paypal and click send. I will receive your order and I will send you a Paypal invoice to pay. *If you want to pay with Paypal directly from the site, you will have to go to our old site. (be sure to add your postage manually if you don't order 25 or more for free shipping) I am hoping to get Paypal fixed here but it is looking like it may take a while. I'm not that savvy.

3) Hopefully this will make ordering your nail cross necklace in bulk a lot easier. Especially our very popular bulk cross necklace in 20 gauge and also our wholesale cross necklace in 22 gauge (different names because of the different wire size). This is a streamline page I am hoping to make available for all of the nail cross jewelry.

4) We have always received so many testimonies from customers before there was such a place to leave testimonies, and stayed so busy filling orders I have never had the time to list the thousands of testimonies in my email files of our nail crosses. You can still see where one day I gathered as much as I could in my email to get some posted. That is all I could do in one day because I was still hand coding everything I needed on the old site.

If you have any suggestions that will make this site more user friendly, please send it to us on the feedback page.

Helping Others With Their Horseshoe Nail Cross Needs

For those who are here for the first time…

I am Chuck Blair and I have been making these horseshoe nail crosses in bulk wholesale prices since 2004. I have had the privilege to serve others for 16 years now.

Chuck has a lot of return customers.
Book stores, missionaries, churches, Christian fundraising groups, cross makers, craft show vendors, and of course those who would like to share these nail crosses with friends, family, and others.

Please make yourself at home, as much as possible. Look around. I'll be adding more to the site as time allows… Including ideas, tips, and of course more photos of our nail cross necklace.

Thank you Lord! We are so honored to have been supplying those who love your horseshoe nail cross necklace including missionaries, book stores, mom and pop stores, church fundraisers, Bible schools, non profit organizations for these 14 years. \o/

Thanks to all of our old friends, customers and new arrivals. We treasure you....
We are very grateful for all of you!
God bless you all and we hope your year is blessed.