Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace

Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace

Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace
Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace choices

Chuck makes a beautiful cross necklace made of horseshoe nails!
He definitely makes the best I've ever seen in person.
People have shown us crosses they received from other places, thinking that what they bought was as good as these inexpensive nail crosses get... But they are always surprised when they look at Chucks. :)

If you already know which gauge of wire you would like on your Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace you can use these links to go directly to the order page.

Most of our crosses are $3.20 and you receive free shipping if you order 25 or more horseshoe nail crosses.
Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace choices
First know that our horseshoe nail crosses are made with 4 real horseshoe nails.

We have so many colors to choose from. You can find exactly what you need.

These come with adjustable neckcord that simulates leather. You pull the knots and your horseshoe nail crosses adjust to your liking.

These are made right here in the USA in the state of the grand Kentucky Derby.

Chuck makes all of these nail crosses by hand for you with genuine horseshoe nails.

This would be a wonderfully inspiring gift for your brother or sister in Christ.
So, grab some horseshoe nail crosses made out of horseshoe nail for yourself and others!

Order Horseshoe Nail Crosses here

Nail Cross Necklaces
Order 20 gauge

Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace
Order 22 gauge

Multi Colors of the Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace

horseshoe crosses in combo style
22 gauge Combo wrapped Crosses
This is our 20 gauge cross necklace page.

Once you have 25 crosses across our website in your cart, the free shipping is applied. Choose different types of our horseshoe nail crosses from all over the website.

If your only interested in solid colors, which is totally understood… You still have to look at the Combo wrapped crosses. The only way to describe them is they are half solid and half double wrap. Not a good explanation, but that is why we have pictures.

If you order assorted crosses, Chuck begins with the first color and works his way down the spools until you have the amount of crosses you want. So if you order larger amounts, you end up with 2 or more of every color. But better yet, feel free to go thru and pick out the colors you like in the amounts you like.

Two color horseshoe nail crosses are often bought because people have a favorite sports team. I get it!
I hope to have a page dedicated to sports team colors soon. Until then, just pick out your favorite team colors.
The shiny silver wire looks like sterling silver on the horseshoe nail. So if you are looking for a wholesale cross necklace sterling silver, but you want it to be more sturdy, you must give the horseshoe nail cross a try.

If you haven't looked at the Galleries yet, you may want to.
If you have, you probably have a lot of ideas about what you want.
The horseshoe nail necklace styles are also available in the keyring, zipperpull, anklet, rear view mirror charm, and angel cross.

You can see more ideas above by looking at the view product buttons above.
I will be trying to add more pictures as time permits.

Three color crosses! Yeah there are many options here!
Red, White, Blue
Sports teams

We have Camo colored crosses:
Chuck came up with the green camo horseshoe nail cross for hunters cross necklace made with nails and wire. and those who served in our military in green.
We also have a tan camo for the desert military.
Two pink camos that you have to see. If you like a pink camo that is all pink, look at the tri pink we have.

We have many differnt options for Red, White, and Blue Patriotic nail cross necklace.
Red white navy
Red white royal
Red silver and blue
And my favorite of course…. The Red White and Blue Combo (stunning!)

We have many Tri-Colors
Tri-gold, Tri-green, Tri-blue, Tri-pink, Tri-purple, Tri-red, Tri-brown

Come up with your own design or look in the gallery for ideas to design your perfect horseshoe nail cross. And remember, you receive free shipping if you order 25 or more wholesale nail crosses.

You will find the perfect Necklace is unique for you and others

blue and white cross nail necklace
Two color Horseshoe Nail Cross
Be sure to let me know if you have any problems.
And any suggestions to make visits here easier.
I say visits because everyone to come back for more because their friends and family love all of the horseshoe nail cross.

I love something I read once. It said it is always good to wear something unique in order to open conversation with others.

Some people wear their nail cross necklace and when anyone comments how unique they are, they give it to them. This makes a wonderful way to witness your faith. When they meet someone on the street that likes their cross it opens a door for conversation.

I'd love it if you dropped a line letting me know which team your colors stand for.
We have a customer/friend that gave us the team colors…. but I have to find it.

The two color horseshoe nail cross necklace is also great for school colors! What better a place to spread the crosses than the schools.
You all know how everyone loves their colors!
And believe me, they love the horse shoe nail cross necklace just as much!

We have a lot of beautiful two color horseshoe crosses in the galleries that you can look at.
I don't have a team or a school but some of those two tones are beautiful.
Like the black and gold. Very pretty. You may find one that you would have never thought of that is stunning to you.

Chuck has noticed when people order the two colored nail cross necklace, they generally choose the cross (up and down) to be the darker color and the lighter color for the arms.
That is not always the case, but if you are not sure, look at the galleries and/or draw a picture and you'll know what you like best.

Do you go to sports events? If so, be sure to take the colors.
You may wish you had more than you brought.

We have a few customer/friends that buy the two color nail cross necklace because they love the variety it gives them when they are handing these out to people. They say people love picking their colors. I imagine it would be like children picking out pretty candy.

We will add more pictures…

I will add more pictures of our horseshoe nails cross necklace and other items we sale. Know for sure you can not find a better deal with quality anywhere for nail crosses.

I've tried many ways ordering easier, and this is what seems best.
I'm open for all suggestions to make it easier to order for you.
If you have any ideas, please let me know.
We also love hearing your compliments about our horseshoe nail crosses!
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