Two Color Horseshoe Nail Necklaces (thin wire)


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horseshoe nail necklaces made with black arms and red arms
Black and Red Cross Nail Necklaces made with Horseshoe Nails and thinner Wire
  • 2-color Thin Cross Necklace
  • 2-color Thin Cross Necklace
  • 2-color Thin Cross Necklace
  • 2-color Thin Cross Necklace

22g Necklace (2 color)


2-color Thin Cross Necklace

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This is a more delicate horseshoe nail cross necklace made with thinner wire

This Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklace Is Strong

This is because the genuine horseshoe nails that make this nail cross are made of strong steel. The wire is slightly smaller than the larger copper wire, but they are both strong enamel coated copper wire.

This thinner wire on the small cross necklace measures approx 1 1/2 inches The wire is thinner which gives your cross necklaces a more refined look. The colors are just a bright.

This finer wire with the larger horseshoe nail cross necklaces will make this nail cross measure 1 3/4 inches. This length is the same as the original horseshoe nail cross but this seems to make the cross look just a bit thinner

Express Yourself with your horseshoe cross necklace

  • With the two colors you can design your horseshoe nail cross with your favorite colors to express yourself.
  • You could have a specific outfit that you would like this nail cross to be a part of.
  • This horseshoe nail cross is perfect to show off your school’s team colors at special events.

Be the star of the event by passing this horseshoe cross necklace out to your friends. I would definitely pick up more than you think you will need, because everyone loves these nail crosses.

Free shipping is available when you pick up 25 or more horseshoenail crosses across our site.

The horseshoe nail is so unique when you make it into a cross necklace that you will be inspired when you wear it because of it's quality horseshoe nails and it's appeal.

I love these nail crosses and you will too!

With such slight difference all the way around, you can feel confident in any horseshoe nail cross necklace nails types you choose.