Nail Crosses Necklaces with six bold colors


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nail crosses necklace wrapped in six differnt color wires
Colorful nail crosses necklace with six colors. This will be a one of a kind cross necklace because of the colorful design on these horseshoe nail crosses.

6 Color 20g Necklace Cross


6 Color 20g Keychain


6 Color 20g Zipperpull


6 Color 20g Rearview


6 Color 20g Anklet


6 Color 20g Angel


6 Color Crosses

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The nail crosses necklace comes in six different colors. These double wrapped cross designs are available on all nail cross items.

Up to six colors are wrapped on these horseshoe nail crosses. This resembles a barber's pole.

25 Colors of Bold Enamel Coated Copper Wire to choose from on this horseshoe nail crosses necklace. Of course you can choose a key chain or any other type of cross we offer on our site with this design.

High Quality Nail Cross Necklaces!

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  • Genuine Capewel Race Nails
  • Highly loved Neck Cord that is fully Adjustable.
  • Each cross is dipped in a protective clear coating.
  • Individually bagged for hanging, passing out, inserting your card, and/or keeping secure in your purse or pocket.

Handmade Nail Cross Necklaces made by Chuck for 18years.

  • (We support American businesses sourcing all materials from our great USA.)
  • Makes a great gift and a perfect conversation starter.
  • Share your faith and help support companies here in our USA.
  • Approximately 1 3/4 inch tall with 3.5 Nail.
  • Approximately 1 1/2 inch tall with #3 Nail.

I believe you would agree that this is the most unique horseshoe nail cross necklace you have ever seen. This design was invented by a dear friend of our, and it was so pretty that we started making them. That was 18 long years ago and we still offer them to all.

Notice how their are two contrasting colors on each of the three sections of this nail cross necklace? The head of the horseshoe nail cross necklace has two colors. The bottom of the nail cross has two different colors. The arms have two different colors but they remain the same two colors across both of the arms.

We can make this color design with up to six colors on every nail cross we have. It can be the eye catcher on your nail cross necklace, key chain, zipper pull, angel, anklet, and rearview that we have.

This Nail Cross Necklace gets more compliments than any cross I have ever worn

I own alot of cross necklaces, but this one is the top of the line. I am always stopped to admire this cross. I suppose it is the beautiful colors and the uniqueness of the horseshoe nails. You will find people are intrigued by all of our horseshoe nail cross necklaces.

Be sure to grab you or your family a horseshoe nail crosses necklace today. They make perfect gifts for those who have everything