Nail Crosses with Angel Wings

angel crosses made of nails
angel cross ornament made with nails
Angel Cross Ornaments

Chuck came up with the angel ornaments. They are gorgeous!

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for those who have everything, here it is!

These angel wings on the cross of nails is just stunning.
What is Christmas about?
The cross.
If you like unique crosses and unique ornaments for your Christmas tree… You will love these Angels made with horseshoe nails.
yellow horseshoe nail cross angel necklace
Angel crosses of many colors

The original color is the gold and white, but Chuck will make them in what ever color theme you would like.

The wings will be the gold and white pictured. The horseshoe nails will be bent to make the cross.
original nail cross angel necklace
Angel cross necklace made of nails
These were requested by our customers/friends, so we added the availability for everyone.
original angel cross necklace
Horseshoe nail cross necklace with two cord colors

We have Black or Tan Cord
complete rear view mirror angel cross
Angel Cross Rearview Mirror

Chuck offers the angel wings cross in the necklace and rearview and of course the angel cross ornament.
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