Nail Cross Anklet

Buy your Nail Cross Anklet made with horseshoe nails

This is a the nail cross anklet like our nail cross necklace.
These also make a danging bracelet.

It does not matter how you do cross nails. What does matter is the procedure the cord is attached and added to.
The nail cross is suspended by a simulated leather cord that dangles close to your ankle using the smaller nail and wire.

I don't believe these nail crosses will ever go out of style.

The cross anklets come with an adjustable cord like our cross necklace, in order to fit over your foot. Once your horseshoe cross anklet is over your foot, you then close back over your anklet .

These nail crosses are made to fit as snuggly or as loosely as you want.

Unlike the nail cross necklace, we only offer the horseshoe cross anklet in the smaller #3 cross.

If you prefer the larger nail on your nail crosses, just request it.

The horseshoe cross nail anklet measures about 1 1/2 inches from top to both of cross compared to the standard 1 3/4 cross necklace.

Anklets have been worn a an ornament worn around the ankle for centuries.

These horseshoe crosses are especially beautiful when wore while barefoot, to compliment your dress, or along with sandles.

When worn under your pants leg, you can be reminded of where your anchor is and your cross necklace on your heart where it belongs.
Wear a matching anklet and horseshoe nail cross necklace for a special touch.

Nail Cross Anklets on Display

nail cross anklet
Nail cross used to make the anklet with wire wrapped nails
nail cross anklet on foot
Nail cross anklet dangling on foot

I will be sharing some pictures of the horseshoe nail cross necklace and our anklet horseshoe nail crosses very shortly. Order our shiny silver for a sterling silver nail cross necklace look.
Please share our nail crosses. Thank you!

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