Zachary's horse shoe nail cross

roma 540

The story behind the significance of these crosses to my family, besides the obvious significance of Jesus's death on the Cross, is that my 21 year old son, Zachary Shephard,  was wearing a "horse-shoe nail cross" on the day he died on June 28, 2012. (and I still have it) 
My remaining 3 kids and their friends got together and made a bunch of the crosses and gave them away at his funeral.  Having said that, 5 of my 7 grandchildren have come along since that time. 
When I saw the advertisement for the crosses it just occurred to me that I would like each of them to have one.  Plus, I'm giving them to my children and their spouses. (although the kids still have theirs).

My journey through grief:
"Surviving the Storm Through the Wind of the Spirit" is the story of one woman’s journey through grief.
The loss of her 21 year old son threw her into a storm from which she could see no hope of survival. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, her journey shows her the truth in God’s word that we can experience joy again through the promise of eternity. Roma Johnson Holley lost her 21 year old son, Zachary, to a horrific vehicle accident. The journey that ensues is one that is more like a roller-coaster ride than an actual journey. A roller-coaster will take you up and down, with twists and turns and then eventually return to where it began. And so has been this journey. Unspeakable joy at the birth of grandchildren and then the remembrance that this child will never know their Uncle Zachary. Unspeakable grief at the loss of a beloved cousin and aunt and then the remembrance that they are now in the presence of God. This journey is one that no one wants to take but that almost everyone will have to endure at some point in their life. The destination of each person will depend upon how we deal with the trials and difficulties along the way. Join Roma as she travels a rough and tumble road until she realizes the power of the Holy Spirit. The comfort, guidance and strength that comes from this one realization changes her entire perspective.

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