Wholesale Nail Crosses

Welcome to our wholesale horseshoe nail cross necklace page. We offer our crosses wholesale starting at $3.20 each.

This is a list of all "of the different necklaces, keychains, etc" that we have.

We have made a quick order list here so that you can order your wholesale crosses without much difficulty.

We offer the wholesale cross in many variations.
You can order your wholesale crosses in numerous colors.
The price is the same for the solid color cross as the multi colored cross.

We have keychains, necklaces, rearviews,......
Feel free to mix and match the different crosses we have on our site in order to come up with the 25 crosses, if you prefer our free shipping.

Our wholesale prices are for everyone.
Our cross necklaces are priced between $3.20 to $5.20.
• If you order 25 crosses or more, we will pay uninsured Priority postage.
• If your order is smaller (1-24 crosses) you must pay your own postage.
Insurance is available separately.

All of our Horse Shoe Nail Cross prices are listed below.
It does not matter if you choose crosses with one, two, or three colors on each cross… The price is the same.

If you choose the DOUBLEWRAP wrapped crosses and COMBO wrapped crosses, they are $5.20 on any type of our Wholesale Nail Cross.

You can see this on each description page or ordering page. No surprises.

The Wholesale Nail Cross item you choose can be any color combination you can come up with, providing we have the color you need.

We have displayed a color chart to help you choose your color design.
Please keep in mind that the color tones do vary at times. The wire suppliers do their best to keep the colors as true to the same color over and over but as with each bucket of paint, the colors tint can vary.

Take a look at the different color combinations for ideas.
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Nail Cross Necklaces

Nail Cross Necklaces are $3.20
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Anklet Nail Cross

Horseshoe Nail cross anklets

ANKLETS are $3.20
red rearview mirror nail cross

Rear View Mirror Nail Cross

Rear view Mirror Nail Cross
The nail cross rear view mirror charm looks very nice hanging from your rear view mirror. This nail cross makes a very good conversation starter!

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Keychain Nail Cross

Nail cross key chain
Wholesale cross key chains are also available here. These are perfect for Christian Fundraising events or just to have as a nice addition to your key chain.

KEYCHAINS are $5.20
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Cross Angel Ornament

Chuck came up with the Angel cross nail cross design many years ago. This is a beautiful cross that make beautiful ornaments.

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Zipperpull Nail Cross

Zipperpull Nail Cross is a wonderful way to show your faith by hanging on purse, book bags, coats, etc

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Order Wholesale Crosses with Free Shipping

Order 25 or more crosses from our site and WE WILL PAY YOUR POSTAGE, using USPS Priority Mail.

If you order less than 25 crosses, you will have to pay your postage.

Enjoy, look around, pick out some gifts and we will take care of the rest.

All crosses are between $3.20 and $5.20 each
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