Special Patriotic Jewelry made on a Horseshoe Nail Cross with Six Colors


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Special Patriotic Nail Cross Jewelry
Special Patriotic Jewelry with Nail Cross Necklace made with six-colors





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If you are looking for a beautiful unique style of a patriotic cross horseshoe cross, you have came to the right spot!

This spectacular piece of work is available in many options

We have this amazing American flag cross necklace in the keychain design. The nail cross necklace is also available in the rear view mirror charms....

Look at the depthness in this cross as the two reds, and the two blues and shiny silver along with the white is wrapped on the arms compliment this unique cross.

I seriously doubt you will run into someone with the same cross necklaces, unless you decide to buy one of these inexpensive nail crosses to hand out to your friends.

If you are looking for a special rear view mirror accessory that will remind you of our fellow soldiers and our beautiful county of the free, you can add this to your rear view mirror charms.

This red white and blue Nail Cross has it's colors multi wrapped on each part of the cross.

This Special Nail Cross stands for the USA Flag.

This is made with the larger nail and larger wire. Approximately 1 3/4 inch tall with 3.5 Nail.

If you would like the smaller nail, you can order it elsewhere on our site. Or just give us a call

On this page you can choose from the Nail Cross Necklace, Keychain, Anklet, Rearview and more. These are all amazing jewelry crosses.

Do you like this design? You can make the colors any combination you choose by heading over to our double wrapped cross page. Design your own special nail cross.

Share your faith and help support companies here in our USA.

Handmade Crosses made by Chuck for 18 years right here in our great USA.

We proudly support American businesses sourcing all materials from our great USA!!

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