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Chuck has been making this Horse Shoe Nail Cross and serving others for 10 Years, since 2004.

Every pictures you see on our site, is of an actual Nail Cross Chuck has made. We did not go through them to pick the best picture.... these are just random nail crosses.

We hope that you will take a look around. I believe you will agree that Chuck makes the best quality Horse Shoe Nail Cross your will find. See what others have to say about Chuck's Horse shoe Nail Crosses.

Custom made Nail Crosses

We have many variations of Nail Crosses and we do believe you will find what you need right here.

You will find Horseshoe Nail Cross Necklaces, Keychains, Zipper Pulls, Anklets, Rear View ornaments, and Angel Nail Crosses.

We have 25+ colors that we encourage you to use on your Single color nail cross, Double color nail cross, Triple color nail cross, Double wrapped nail Cross and Combo wrapped nail cross.

Chuck gives you a choice of two different sized Horseshoe Nail Crosses and two sizes of wire to choose from.
We have a comparison page so that you can see the differences.

We have keychains, necklaces, rearviews, zipper pulls, angel crosses, and anklets.
Feel free to mix and match the different crosses we have on our site in order to enjoy our free shipping.

Wholesale Prices

We offer our Horseshoe Nail crosses wholesale.
Our wholesale prices are for everyone.
Most of our horseshoe nail crosses are $3 per cross, custom made to your specifications, dipped, tied, bagged and ready for you to enjoy.
If you order 25 or more of any combination of Premade Crosses we will pay your shipping.