Chuck's Horse Shoe Nail Crosses

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Horse shoe Nail Crosses

Our Nail Cross Necklaces are $3 each. Free shipping is included if you purchase 25 or more cross items.

We have other cross designs and items that range from $3.50 to $4.99. The same free shipping applies with all of our pre made Horseshoe Nail Crosses.

Chuck has been making these Nail Crosses and serving others for 10 Years, since 2004.

Every pictures you see on our site, is of an actual Nail Cross Chuck has made. We did not go through them to pick the best picture.... these are just random nail crosses.

We hope that you will take a look around. I believe you will agree that Chuck makes the best quality Horse Shoe Nail Cross your will find. See what others have to say about Chuck's Horseshoe Nail Crosses.
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Nail Cross Necklaces

Our Nail Cross Necklace comes in many, many styles.
Take a look around.
I’m sure you will find the exact Horse shoe Nail cross Necklace you need.
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Nail Cross Keychain

Our Nail Cross Keychain comes in so many styles your head will be spinning. :)
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Nail Cross Zipperpull

Chuck’s makes a Nail Cross Zipperpull that is just beautiful.
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RearView Mirror Nail Cross

The Rear View Mirror Nail cross can be a great way to open discussions in your car.
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Nail Cross Anklet

Unique. These Nail Cross Anklets are beautiful. Made with the smaller nails, they are sure to catch the attention at craft fairs.
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Angel Nail Crosses

This was a design Chuck came up with many years ago. We have the Angel Nail Cross available how ever you prefer, but we like the Nail Cross Angel Ornament the best.
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Nail Cross Angel Ornament

This Nail Cross Angel Ornament is a lovely addition to your Christmas tree or you could hang it from anywhere if you turn the hanger.
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6 Color Nail Crosses

Some people love as many colors on their cross as they can get, so we came up with the Six Color Nail Cross.
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Double Wrapped Nail Crosses

As you can see these are beautiful crosses. Choose two contrasting colors and we will design your Double Wrapped Nail Cross just for you.
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Combo Wrapped Nail Crosses

Everyone has their preference, but I just love this design. The Combo Wrapped Nail Cross is stunning.
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2 Color Nail Cross

Choose two favorite colors to make your very own Two Color Nail Cross.
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3 Color Nail Cross

We have Three Color Nail Crosses available. Think of Red, White, and Blue.
You choose your colors and color placement.
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Fundraising is a breeze with Nail Crosses.
Buy them for $3 because they seem to sell themselves.
Remember you receive free shipping when you order 25 or more pre made crosses.
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Compare Sizes

We have two sized nails and two sized wires, which means four nail cross choices.
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Color Choices

I am sure you will be able to find just the color you are looking for.
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Waxed cotton Neckcord.
Available in Black, Brown, or Tan.